Vajrayana Practice Schedule

vajrayana meditation

Vajrayana Meditation Schedule

Vajrayana meditation is a special path or vehicle in Buddhism. Please note you need to have taken refuge as a Buddhist and received the transmission of the meditation to attend.

Please note pujas are now conducted via Zoom. Please contact for more information. 

Sundays at 10.00am РChenrezik 

The meditation practice of Chenrezik and Green Tara originated in India but were spread widely through all the Buddhist schools in Tibet. These practices are transmitted from an authentic lineage of qualified teachers and masters of the Sakya tradition.

Overview of Vajrayana Meditation

The vajrayana path of Buddhism is part of the Mahayana. Vajrayana means ‘indestructible vehicle’ in Sanskrit and refers to the indestructible nature of the purity of mind. This can be realized more quickly in this path than in the other ‘common paths’ in Buddhism.

To attend these vajrayana meditations it’s necessary to have started on the Buddhist path by taking refuge and received the relevant initiation and reading transmission of the practice text.

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