Buddhist Meditation Classes LA

Meditation classes in santa monicaMeditation Classes in Santa Monica

Meditation Classes in Santa Monica every Thursday and Sunday near Main St.

Shamatha is a Buddhist practice of calming the mind, by one-pointed meditation on a object, such as the breath. This simple but powerful practice helps you develop a clear, relaxed and stable state of mind and develop a grounded approach to your own thoughts and emotions.

Meditation classes are located at 220 Pier Avenue, off Main street in Santa Monica and are $8 per class facility fee, or please contact us about our monthly memberships.




Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm Calm Abiding Meditation
Santa Monica
Sundays 9:30am – 10:30am Calm Abiding Meditation
Santa Monica

Meditation classes are led by experienced meditation instructors who can provide an introduction to the shamatha practice. The meditation class starts with a guided meditation of 20 minutes, a short break for questions and then a further 20-30 minutes of meditation practice.

Benefits of Buddhist Meditation Classes

As your meditation practice becomes more stable, it can then become the basis for developing profound insights into the nature of your mind.  From this you can quickly develop the qualities of wisdom, compassion and loving kindness.

For further info on any of our classes, contact us at info@dechen.us