Buddhist Teachings

Buddhist Teachings in Los Angeles

Dechen has a regular program of Buddhist teachings in Los Angeles. The program includes public talks, textual teachings and  Vajrayana initiations from visiting Buddhist teachers. The best way to make progress on the Buddhist path is by hearing the traditional Buddhist teachings from a qualified teacher.

Buddhist Teachings

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Importance of Traditional Buddhist Teachings

buddhist teaching

Some people think that Buddhist teachings should be changed and updated for modern Western audience.

While the intention may be to make them more accessible, this often reduces their ability to truly help us.

Dechen follows the traditional ways,  so people have an opportunity to receive and practice the teachings  as originally taught by the Buddha.

When teachings are explained carefully they can be fully understood.  That way they can be applied and have value in our day to day life.

The wisdom and depth of Buddha’s realization have been carefully transmitted in this way for over 2,000 years. When the Buddha’s teaching came to Tibet from India it took many generations for Buddhist teachings to become established.

The Tibetans were very careful in to learn the original teachings transmitted from India and followed the traditional approach to practice.