Books about Buddhism

Books on Buddhism

Books on buddhism are available on Amazon as Kindle or to order. Dechen Foundation regularly publishes books through Amazon as well as Rabsel, who published booked by Lama Jampa Thaye. Dechen publishing also includes Buddhist titles in Spanish and translations of classical Tibetan text.

Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism is a book that gives an introduction to this age-old yet startlingly contemporary tradition. It is written from the inside of the tradition but is aimed at a modern Western audience. It does not compromise the truth and beauty of Tibetan Buddhism but is structured so as to be accessible.

How do Buddha’s teachings answer the most profound questions of our existence? What makes his thinking unique amongst other systems of thought? The answer lies in his teachings on “dependent origination,” which hold the key to unlocking his doctrines of karma, rebirth, suffering, liberation, and compassion. This new book Patterns in Emptiness shows how understanding this core Buddhist teaching of “dependent origination” can transform how we see the world and provide an antidote to the disordered thinking that leaves us in the grip of disruptive emotions. Without understanding this essential teaching, our meditation practice is likely to lead only to greater confusion.

A short booklet guide to Buddhism for beginners, covering essential topics such as Buddha nature, the Three Jewels, the Guru or Lama and how to do meditation practice. It has clear and easy to follow instructions for beginners to practice meditation at home.

An introducton to the foundational meditation system of Tibetan Buddhism, this booklet gives comprehensive instructions on four essential contemplations – precious human birth, impermanence and death, karma, and suffering. Through practicing this meditation system, one will truly engage with the Buddhist path and develop qualities of spaciousness and non-attachment.