Chenrezik Meditation Tranmission

Date December 20, 2017
Time 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

220 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 90405, United States


Chenrezik Meditation Transmission

Lama Jampa will give the Chenrezik meditation transmission for people that wish to do the practice.  Chenrezik represents the limitless compassionate activity of the Buddha,  who works for all sentient beings to be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

This Chenrezik meditation transmission is from the famous Chenrezik meditation practice by the Buddhist master and saint Thangtong Gyalpo.

Why is important to receive the Chenrezik meditation transmission?

The reading transmission ‘lung’ in Tibetan and meditation transmission ‘gom lung’ transmits the blessing and lineage of the practice to the student. The lineage goes back in an unbroken line to the origin of the practice, and holds the blessing and power for the practice to be beneficial to the student and other sentient beings.

Receiving the transmission enables the student to practice the meditation in a group at the Center or for personal practice at home. The practice is also a first step in entering the vajrayana path and methods of meditation.

Who was Thangtong Gyalpo ?

Thangtong Gyalpo was a very famous Buddhist master who lived in the 14th CE, as well as architect and blacksmith who built over 50 iron chain suspension bridges in Tibet and Bhutan. He is also known for inventing a particular style of Tibetan opera.

He composed the Chenrezik meditation practice called ‘ For the benefit of all beings as vast as space’ as an accessible and simple practice to receive the wonderful blessing of Chenrezik, the Buddha of Compassion.


Please note it is necessary to take refuge as a Buddhist to do this meditation.

Chenrezik Meditation Tranmission
Location Sakya Buddhist Center
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